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Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Analysis

GE&R performs DLS measurements with a Brookhaven ZetaPLUS machine. This device measures zeta potential and hydrodynamic diameter of dilute colloidal dispersions. Samples are measured in 2.5mL cuvettes with a 1cm path length.

Results within 5 business days.

Please include a sample submission form and a copy of your samples SDS (safety data sheet).

$ 50.00

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Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is a technique used to determine the size distribution profile of colloids, including particles or polymers, in solution. The technique is useful for characterizing hydrodynamic diameter and agglomeration behaviors of particles in solution.


Please provide at least 5ml of the sample with the colloids or particles of interest dispersed in a solvent. The colloid concentration should be high enough to see some opaqueness or turbidity. Highly concentrated samples will be diluted as needed for accurate measurement. Please specify colloid material and its refractive index, along with solvent composition in the sample submission form. Questions on how to prepare your samples? We can help. Please contact us for assistance.

Sample Submission Form

DLS Example Report

DLS Example Raw Data (Excel)


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